Life update and thoughts

Hi everyone, just a quick life update.

I spent the last year and a half at Duke and got my masters in biomedical engineering in December. The classes were great and I enjoyed being at the same school as my brother.

I’ve now accepted a job as an IT analyst at a hospital group here outside Chicago.

I’m rather glad job hunting is over and excited to start a new challenge where I’ll learn about the technical side of healthcare.

I hope everyone’s year is going well.

I’m currently reading “Mountains Beyond Mountains”, a book about Paul Farmer, the founder of Partners in Health. His caring nature, brilliance, and dedication to his patients are well known, but I have been struck with his moral imagination–the ability to imagine the world as it might be–and then his courage to act on it.

For instance, he worked to strengthen the global fight on multiple drug resistant Tuberculosis (MDR TB) knowing that each treated patient cost far more than traditional cases. Some attribute this simply to a myopic physician’s view of simply the patient in front of them. It seems to me that Farmer actually looked further than his contemporaries by imagining the disease course of MDR TB and envisioning the impact of applying resources now to treat it. Many come away from his story inspired to look at the single patient instead of all patients. I see the story of a choice to view all future patients, not just all current patients.


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