We Treat, Jesus Heals

The head chaplain at Tenwek had an aneurism in his heart and could have died any day.

An open heart surgery team came to Tenwek and removed the problem with a major surgery including profusion to do the job of the heart and lungs by machine.

After the successful surgery, there was much thanking of God on campus and especially in the church service. Everything was done in the name of Jesus. But I was thinking the whole time, ‘ok, God created us and used these surgeons to heal, but the operation was done by the surgeon’. This was my thought through repeated utterances of “We Treat, Jesus Heals”.

I began thinking though, ‘where does the healing really come from?’ On one hand, if it weren’t for the surgeons, our chaplain would have died. However, I eventually realized the wisdom of 1 Corinthians 3:6-7 in a parallel concept, “…God made it grow. So neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow.” Treating, caring, sowing and reaping are important parts of the process, but man controls effectively none of the complexity. For every cut of the scalpel, the body has to heal about 10,000 connections on each layer of cells cut. And this is only the beginning of the healing process not to mention the immune response to any bacteria that enter, the swelling which brings resources to help the connections, or the scar response to make it stronger than before.

Once, when trying to see how complicated we are, I looked up the digital size of the genome, expecting it to be enormous. It isn’t. It fits on a single CD. But with less than half the complexity of Microsoft Windows or a DVD of Avatar, this code defines an intelligent and enormously adaptable 100 trillion part organism. Now that is elegant design.

Our efforts might seem trivial compared to this amazing intricacy. Perhaps our actions don’t even matter. But I think that the miracle of modern medicine is truly powerful. Man is capable of great and wonderful and awesome and terrible deeds. The surgeon really was critical in saving the life of our chaplain. This is perhaps the aspect that most floors me. In all the enormity through log scales of size and our comparatively small capabilities, God “has good works set before us”. He really uses us and if the heart team didn’t come to Tenwek, he really would have died.

What an honor, to be used by God.


One Response to “We Treat, Jesus Heals”

  1. sholmster Says:

    An amazing post, friend. Thanks for sharing this, albeit 2 years ago.

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