Not a credible threat

A few weeks ago, I was called by someone who said that I owed someone money and that someone had hired this person to get my head.  I asked him for my name, so he said he had my name, address, phone number, and plate number (license plate though I don’t have a car).  We repeated ourselves back and forth a few times without him giving me any more details before he said that we would hang up and that he would call back in five minutes (never happened).

The next day, I talked to our Tenwek Admin who took me to Bomet to file a police report and see where the call originated from.  Being a Friday afternoon, nothing happened for a while, though I got a call later that afternoon from the CID (Kenyan FBI) saying that the trace said that the call originated in Nairobi and was thus not a likely threat.  They speculated that they were likely going to try to extort money if I didn’t challenge their threat so quickly.

All in all it was the perfect threat, it existed, but had no likelyhood of being real and was well handled by all around here so it makes a good story.


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