Pride and Kids Songs

As many who know me know, I struggle with pride in myself and especially my own competence/capabilities.  This was especially apparent a few days ago when I gave myself a pretty awful haircut (sorry, no pictures) but didn’t really care how bad it looked, which was really bad, but instead I was very uncomfortable about how it reflected my competence to cut my own hair.

I’ve been working on my pride lately in teaching Sunday School.  We are preparing a mothers’ day song/presentation/skit thing which involves some cartoony songs with excited “yeah”s and large hand motions.  It made me think back to the week before at retreat where the oldest kid in the middle group had really matured beyond the songs they were doing and ended up a little mopey about it.  It took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out the mature response–to perform for the kids, not the parents.  He and I can be more enthusiastic than the song deserves for our maturity as an example to the kids to be excited and committed to the performance.

That said, I still have a hard time singing about Jesus as a superhero.  I’m growing—pray that I grow.


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