Pride and Love

Last night, men’s group looked at pride.  This has always been a central struggle of mine, though my study on it has not led me very far.  The leader had a convenient insight on just that fact, the word “pride” is used only a few times in the Bible, though the concept, in story and synonym, is all over the place from Genesis to the Pharisees.

I now have to convince him to give me all his notes on the subject:) as this is something I’ve been looking for for a long time.

Getting home, I really though about my own prideful and unloving self .   Coming to Kenya, I chose this path because it gave me the opportunity to “serve, learn, and love” as I have repeated over and over again.  Love, though less tangible, was in the list because I have failed to be particularly and deeply loving in corporate America.  Turns out, that doesn’t just change when you switch continents.  “Wherever you go, that’s where you are” as a friend recently said to me.

I want to talk to those around me about what is important to them, their dreams, worries, and struggles, and to really care about how it turns out.  Usually, I’m just happy to help instead of happy  when someone else’s life is good.  (And notice that all these sentences start with “I”)

Please pray with me that I would be more deeply loving, and I’ll even send you my notes from last night if you’d like to talk about issues like this.  They are a bit too raw and unpolished to post online.


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