I’ve been wanting to put up blurbs about the books I’m reading.  For the first time since middle school, I am reading consistently (I am on my eighth book!)  Here is the summary of what I haven’t written–but that you can always email me about.

Asimov’s first three foundation books: Wow Asimov can create a universe.  I look forward to his Robot books where he concentrates more on individual character.

Miracle at Tenwek:  Is the story of my hospital here in biographical form about Dr. Steury, the only doctor at Tenwek for many years (and spending every night on call) as well as being the administrative and spiritual leader of the compound.  An inspiring story of ministry success.

True Compass: The Ted Kennedy Memoir:  He really is a great writer who makes even his childhood interesting and a story to learn from, not to mention the rest of his life.

What’s so Amazing About Grace.  As the author, Philip Yancey quotes C.S. Lewis, grace, the undeserved gift is what makes Christianity unique among world religions.  A powerful book on the nature of God especially as understood through Jesus’ parables a and how we, Christians and the church, can be more full of grace.

When Helping Hurts:  The best book on service I’ve read yet.  They start with a broad understanding of poverty as more profound than merely not having enough stuff, but poverty as the distance from the good life in our relation to others, ourselves, the world, and God.  Explores this idea and then looks at the various ways people have succeeded in alleviating poverty as a whole using modern studies and academic sources.  I spent all night on a Heathrow layover thinking about this book and my future.  It was great.

I am almost to the end of Chuck Colson’s “How Now Shall We Live”.  I’m not a fan of his style and don’t trust him to point out the weaknesses in his own arguments, but as he has gotten to part 5 on actually living the life based on the Christian worldview, he presents powerful visions of the virtuous life in an ambitious variety of fields.


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