There are some interesting security operations around here that I have found interesting.  Most recently, on the way to Nairobi to fly home, we had to drop one of the missionaries off at a local hospital but the normal road had suffered a number of carjackings.  We ended up hiring a local policeman from one of the nearest checkpoints to come with us.


It wasn’t the most professional escort, he wasn’t exactly uniformed though apparently he would be recognized and be plenty of deterrent.  What made me most nervous, he both chambered a round and cocked the pistol—actions an American policeman would only do once they are about ready to fire so they avoid any accidents.


Anyway, besides for us passing a single man sitting on the side of the road (possibly the looters’ spotter) we had no issue.  I have viewed some other cool security arrangements including free parking tickets.  You are issued a ticket when you park at more upscale places in Nairobi, not to be charged, but so that you must present the ticket when you leave the parking lot or else security will assume that you have stolen the vehicle.


The final interesting security arrangement is the compound layout at the hospital.  Entrance to where most of the housing for missionaries is not limited by security, but instead only has two entrances both located near each other so there is no reason to walk through the compound.  If you are there, you should have a reason.


I hope to post more interesting aspects of Kenya in the future—the hospital has some really cool wheelchairs as well as homemade infant incubators and more which I hope to comment on in the future.


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