Email: Update from California

Yes this is an update from California.  Thursday, my dad, Wally, died after a nearly six year battle with the complications from brain cancer.

Finding out the news, I prayed “Father take him” and then, almost surprisingly naturally, “thanks so much for the gift he was to us.”

When I consider Dad’s impact on my life and his model for fatherhood, I most often revisit how he supported and cheered for me at soccer games.  He never quite fit in the soccer mom social crowd, but would often stand on a bleacher off to the side or go up and down the side line cheering only for me.  I always want to follow his example—perhaps not always knowing how best to love, but he was there to support me and teach me to be strong, capable, and honorable.

And you should have seen him when I had a problem at an athletic event.  When I broke my arm playing indoor soccer he ran from his position on the bleachers first to the glass on which I broke my arm, then all around the field to be where I came off.  Or when I lost a ski, he thought I might be hurt so he ran (comically in ski boots) to the Ski Patrol snow mobile I was riding.

These examples of fatherhood are my example, they created me, and I intend to follow them.

After finding out, I did the 48 hours of travel home where the family is beginning to gather.

I can again be contacted (from today through Feb 15 on my American cell phone at (949) 680-9209.  I’m also uploading some of the backlog of blog updates that I had been too lazy with the Kenyan connection to upload.  (

Thanks for your prayers for my family.



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