Theft and Drunkenness

Another first for me, I stopped a theft on Friday.  Someone who looked like they didn’t quite belong was in industrial/maintenance with us and the owner of the shop next door (a pool hall with 10 cent games, not too bad) started pointing at him.  Justin, another muzungu (white person/foreigner) went to talk to the pool hall owner, while I talked to the thief.  He had a hack saw blade in his hand, which probably wasn’t his so I started talking to him about a particular hammer we couldn’t find and he proceeded to produce some unknown item from his pocket (language barriers can be nice sometimes).  I ended up taking the hacksaw blade and we went walking away down the street together.

According to the bar owner, we found everything he took, however, there was another buldge in his pocket that could have been stolen as well.  It is very strange dealing with drunk locals through the language barrier, but I guess it didn’t turn out too bad this time.  He ended up inviting me to his home which he located in a number of different locations.  I got his name but didn’t go with him, though it would be nice if I see him in church when I visit the village church (though I will need a translator).


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