Leading with Love

As we study the life of David in 2 Samuel I was thinking about his love and their welfare above mere satisfaction about how well he had served his role.  I started to think I was doing better in this regard.  Historically, for instance in soccer, whether we win or lose, I’ll be pretty satisfied (or dissatisfied) based on my evaluation of my own play.  Managing this project (especially as I am practically useless wielding a 50 pound battering ram) I felt I had done much better keeping the team’s success as my success.

As I thought about it more however, I realized how much lower my emotional connection was than David’s.  I had stopped thinking merely about myself, but David cared about his people and the soldiers themselves.  I’m praying for the safety of my workers now often, but I hope to engage, get to know them, and actually care about those I’m managing as people and friends.

Please pray for the safety of the workers.  They work with large implements, flying chips, and almost no safety equipment.  The only thing I’ve done to help so far is to get goggles for the man on the chain saw (and I don’t know why in the world they sometimes take their shoes off when hoeing up the ground).


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