Friday (Jan 22) I made cookies, which, like many things in Africa, turned out to be a bit more complicated than initially anticipated.

I based the recipe off a no egg recipe I found off the internet (because it would have been a 10 minute walk to get eggs and I was lazy).  Then I mostly abandoned that anyway and lined up ingredients to make eggs on one side and tools for making cookies on the other.  Who really needs things recipes call for like eggs, vinegar, vanilla, baking soda, baking powder, or a mixing bowl big enough not to spill all over.  In the end these were my ingredients if you want to make them for yourself.

-(oil the sheet)

-2 cups flour

-2 cups instant oatmeal

-1.5 cup sugar

-5 tablespoon water

-3 tablespoon oil

-6 oz m&m

-bit of salt (~.5 teaspoon)

I then had some great cookie dough safe to eat and put it on my one cookie sheet only to find that that sheet—while not all that large) was about 50% too big for the oven.  So, stuck it in the fridge and made them the next day in the guest house.  They turned out pretty good.


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