Today was the first day in real construction work.  We finally got the upstairs tenant moved out (that morning).  We got the electrical turned off and went to work.  There were about 10 of us doing the demolition of varied specialties. 

It is amazing how much is recycled around here.  Not only did we recycle the wiring and piping (much of which is copper which my house in California barely has), but they also reuse the iron sheeting which makes up the roof, the ~2x4s that made up some of the frame and roof supports, and the stone blocks which made up the structure and walls.  The only stuff not reused was the fiberboard, plastic tubing for exposed electrical work, and stuff that was completely destroyed. 

We demolished most of the two story house in a day, though the afternoon was pretty slow as we were trying to knock down this foot thick (I might exaggerate, but not by much) masonry using these battering ram things.  We didn’t have a sledge hammer, but we did have steel tubes with a flat steel end on one side that we rammed and levered the masonry out of the way with.  I picked up one, worked pretty hard, didn’t get too far, and got a substitute almost immediately—then someone commented to me that it is tough to get anything done with that small one.

Our one significant error of the day was forgetting that the plumbing was turned off at the back of the house, not further away, and dropping the entire foot thick, seven foot tall upper story wall on it.  We only sprung a small leak, but we had to fetch the plumber after business hours to fix it (a temporary fix of wrapping old bicycle tubing around it really tightly).

Tomorrow is looking up as a husband of a nurse with the cardiac team knows how to (safely) use the bobcat.


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