My first email

Merry Christmas and happy new year!  I spent my new year on a plane heading to London before going on to Nairobi, Kenya.  They gave us a glass of champagne for free, but it was strange to never see the sun January 1 since the sun and us were heading in opposite directions and I slept on the plane.

Arriving in Kenya, perhaps the best part was to see the guy with my name on the sign—my first contact outside of email with anyone from Kenya.  I’m now staying in Nairobi with a nurse who works at an orphanage here until I go to Tenwek Hospital where I will work on Monday.

I’ve been looking forward to actually talking to people on the ground to figure out how the system works for a long time and I have gotten my questions answered.  First of all, I have good access to the internet, and it appears that we even have enough bandwith for skype conversations, though probably not for video.

I was excited to hear that I’ll be living at 6,500 feet and at the bottom of a huge hill relative to the hospital which sounds like it will be great for my fitness.  My residence itself epitomizes a nickname I recently heard for Tenwek: Africa for Beginners.  I live in an enormous suite (for Africa, a heavysett person might find the bathroom impossible to get into…) in the building circled on the picture.  I have electricity (mostly), internet (usually), and running water (brownish but chlorinated).

My first week was filled with introductions to the various departments I’ll be working in.  My one substantive contribution on the week was the creation of a map of the hospital.  Funny to think of a hospital compound, not only without a map, but without a directory of what rooms serve what function either.  Tomorrow we open the contractor bids for the construction project of the new intern housing.  My job will be managing the relation between the contractor, the architect, and the various agencies of the hospital.

Finally, it is awesome to be living and working near this missionary community who all have full time demanding jobs at the hospital but are here to serve both people’s physical and spiritual needs.

I’ll be in touch and if you know anyone who wants these emails who did not get this one, please give me their email or have them email me.



One Response to “My first email”

  1. Dominic Zarecki Says:

    Question: How could the sun and you be traveling in opposite directions if you were traveling east? I think you slept through it 🙂

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